Kirkmans Kamp photography workshop

16th March 2017
I hosted Theresa from Canada on a one night Photo Safari at Kirkmans Kamp, Theresa had been on safari before and we worked on fine tuning her Wildlife Photographic skills.

After going through some photographic theory and setting up her camera for Wildlife photography we set off on our first afternoon drive.

A few hundred meters from the lodge we found a nice big herd of Impala and Wildebeest in the afternoon light, we spent some time with them as they fed on the lush green grass.

A short way down the road we watched and photographed a journey of Giraffe as they fed on the Acacia trees nearby, after leaving the Giraffe we photographed a European Roller as it attempted to catch insects next to the side of the road.

After leaving the Roller we went to have a look at the West st male Leopard, he had made 2 kills that he had stashed up a Marula tree, when we got there the Leopard was so full after feeding he could hardly move ! a few times he managed to open one eye and watch us but that was all the action we got from this sleepy Leopard.

We heard on the radio that a pack of Wild dogs had been found so we headed off to go and see them, when we found them the dogs were trotting down the road clearly searching for a meal, it wasn’t long before the dogs spotted a her of Impala across a small clearing, the grass was long and the dogs started the chase, the Impalas scattered, after a short but intense chase trying to keep up with the dogs we finally found a couple of dogs that had killed a Impala lamb.

While we watched as the dogs ate a small herd of elephants came charging in, they had heard the dogs excited feeding sounds and they didn’t like it ! The dogs were not too fussed by the Elephants and they easily out manoeuvred the Elephants charge and proceeded to trot away unharmed.

We followed the dogs as they continued their hunt but soon it got dark and the dogs slowed down and the hunt was over, in the dusk we tried a few panning Images of the dogs as they trotted by.

On our way back to the camp we found a female Leopard that is unknown to the area, she is a young female that was lactating and she was a bit shy, only allowing a few images before she disappeared into the darkness, it had been a great drive and we had gotten some great images.

The following morning we set off on drive and we watched the usual antelope as they started their day, we also watched a group of Male Giraffe as they sparred for dominance.

The morning was quieter than the afternoon before and after a fruitless Lion search we headed off back to the Camp, along the way we watched and photographed a couple of Hammerkop birds as they groomed each other, it was great to see.

It had been a brief but eventful safari with Theresa and we had seen and photographed some great action.

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