Kirkmans Photosafari 29 & 30 Sep

17th January 2017
I hosted Ted and Mary from the States on a one night Photo safari at Kirkmans Kamp, both Ted and Mary had been on Safari before and they wanted to fine tune their wildlife photography a bit.

After discussing our plan for the next two drives we did some theory and fine tuning the focus of their cameras before setting off on game drive.

The afternoon drive started off with a couple of Giraffes feeding on the edge of a small clearing, a couple of females with their calves and we photographed them while they were feeding.

After leaving the Giraffes we passed a Spotted Hyena as it ran past us on its way down to the river, we only had a few brief moments before the Hyena disappeared out of view.

We made our way to where the Bicycle crossing Male Leopard had the remains of his Bushbuck kill up in a sausage tree. When we arrived the Leopard was up in the tree feeding, this afforded us the opportunity to get some great images of him with the afternoon light.

A few minutes later the Leopard climbed out of the tree and started grooming himself under the big sausage tree, in the shade of the tree we used a bit of fill flash to correctly expose the Leopard.

A few minutes later a old Hyena appeared to come and investigate what the Leopard was up to, the Male Leopard snarled at the Hyena who was sniffing around the base of the tree, after finding a few small bits of dropped meat the Hyena wandered off to find a more substantial meal.

After Leaving the Leopard we went and had a sundowner drink before searching for some nocturnal animals and then finally heading back to the Camp for dinner.

The following morning we headed down to the Sand river and found a couple of Saddle Billed Storks searching the shallow pools of water for some fish, after watching the Storks for a while we set off again searching for the Bicycle Crossing Male Leopard.

As we arrived where the Leopard had stashed his kill in the tree we noticed that the Bicycle crossing Male was highly agitated and salivating from the mouth, we then noticed that there was a younger unknown male Leopard nearby, the two Leopards approached each other and growled and snarled at each other, they posed and walked next to each other , each one trying to intimidate the other.

The Leopards would walk and then suddenly run alongside each other growling and snarling, finally the younger Male Leopard decided that the Bicycle crossing male was more dominant and he turned away and trotted off, never once was there any contact between the two Leopards, this time things were settled by a show of size and intimidation.

The Bicycle crossing Male Leopard slowly walked back to his kill in the tree, scent marking and rasping as he went, it was a amazing sighting and we were fortunate to capture a few images of the action.

We continued on or drive photographing a variety of general game along the way as well as a Bushbuck ram feeding along the edge of the river.

During our coffee stop we photographed a white Browed Scrub Robin jumping around some of the thickets close to our stop, by this time it was quite late and we headed back to the Lodge for breakfast, it had been a action packed morning.


Photo comment By mike evans: UNIQUE PICS

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