Sandibe Photo Safari Group 2 part 2

29th October 2017
The Second part of our Safari started with a beautiful sunrise, we had left the Lodge early and we made use of this opportunity to photograph into the light, we photographed a couple of Male Impala as they pranced around in the cool of the morning followed by a Cormorant sitting on its Termite perch.

A short while later we spotted a few Violet cheeked Waxbills that offered us a brief photographic opportunity.

After the sun was up we photographed some more impala and General game before we got a call that the 2 Resident male Lions had been found.

The Lions had just went to lay down in the shade of a small Acacia tree and we managed to get some images of them before they went to sleep for the rest of the day.

We left the sleeping lions and made our way back to the Lodge.

That afternoon we decided to go and look what the Lions were up to, along the way we spotted a family of Yellow Mongoose walking down the road towards us, they were quite cute as they stood on the hind legs to try and see over the tall grass.

After the Mongoose we had a great view of a elephant bull as he walked past our vehicle and they a Yellow Billed Hornbill sat perfectly perched in the Afternoon light.

When we got to the Lions they had just started to wake from their nap, they had moved only a few meters from where they went to sleep in the morning, we got a few nice portrait images of the lions before heading back to the camp.

That evening we had another spectacular Delta Sunset to end off the day.

The following morning we set off on drive and after a short while we found a Female Leopard and her young cub, they were walking in a determined fashion and not stopping for anything, we spent quite some time following the leopards getting some nice images along the way.

After leaving the Leopards we continued on our way, bumping into a small group of Giraffes and a beautiful Lilac breasted Roller.

A short way past the Roller we found another female Leopard sleeping up in the branches of a Marula tree, she occasionally lifted her head to scan the surrounding flood plains but other that that she didn’t budge !

It had been a good morning and we headed back to the lodge for breakfast.

In the afternoon we set off on drive again, we found a herd of Tsessebe in some good light and for once they stood still and allowed us to take a picture of them before moving off.

After the Tsessebe we found a herd of Elephant feeding in the late afternoon light, we positioned so that the sun was behind the Elephants and shone through the dust that was getting kicked up by the Elephants.

After the Elephant sighting we found a big herd of Buffalo close by, they also stood feeding in the grassy plains and we got good images of them in the fading light.

After leaving the Buffalo we photographed a few Giraffe as they stood quietly in the Twilight.

On the way back to the lodge we found a African Wildcat that briefly stood and watched us before scampering off into the grass, it had been a event full afternoon and unfortunately our last drive as the next morning we had to leave early.

Once again Sandibe had delivered a great stay.

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