Addo Elephant Park photo Safari Part 2

05th April 2017
That afternoon we set off on a late afternoon drive, the first animals we came across were two big Kudu Bulls, they were feeding with some Warthogs and the grey afternoon skies provided a great background for them.

After leaving the Kudus we headed off back to “Hapoor Dam” we didn’t have to wait too long before a herd of Elephant came for their afternoon drink, they approached over the clearing giving us a great opportunity to photograph them as they approached.

The Elephants didn’t spend too much time at the waterhole and they quickly drank, some smaller ones having to bend down and stretch to get to the water.

After everyone had had their drink the Elephants moved off past our vehicle and headed off again across the clearings in the fading light, it was a great opportunity to try some panning images as they walked off into the bush.

The following morning it was cloudy and it looked like there was going to be some rain, we started our morning by photographing a pair of Bok makierie birds as they sang.

We then found a Scrub Hare that was feeding in a small open patch, I have mostly seen Scrub Hares at night and hiding in thickets during the day so it was great to see this Hare feeding in the open in the daylight. We spent some time with the Hare as it fed before finally it decided to hop off behind some bushes.

We drove along further photographing some mouse birds and a Cape Robin Chat as it sang to announce its presence, a short way down the road a Red necked Spurfowl stood on the edge of the bush giving us just enough time to get a few images of it.

A short while later we found a few Elephant feeding close to the road and it was a good opportunity to get a few detail shots of them as they fed.

It had been a slow start to the morning so we headed to Jacks Picnic site for Breakfast, when we arrived we saw a flock of Speckled Mousebirds huddled together to try and stay warm, it was quite cute to watch this huddle of birds.

After our Breakfast we headed back to “Hapoor Dam” Just in time to watch as a big herd of Buffalo cam out of the bush walking straight towards us at the waterhole, the Buffalo for the most part stayed in perfect formation until they reached the water.

While the Buffalo were drinking a family group of Elephant arrived with a tiny calf, the calf stuck close to its mom while the Elephants drank.

We left “Hapoor Dam” to drive a circular route around the surrounding areas, along the way we found a Jackal den with two sub adult pups at the entrance, they moved around a bit but never strayed too far from the entrance.

It was close to Midday so we again headed towards “Hapoor dam” to see if there were any Elephants drinking, on the way to the dam we found a Female Elephant and her tiny little calf, the calf was quite shy and stuck close to its mom while she fed.

Closer to “Hapoor Dam” we were just in time to watch as another herd of Elephant rushed across the clearing towards the water, I again tried some slow shutter speeds to get some panning images of the Elephants as they ran to the water.

It had been a great morning with loads of Elephants to photograph and we decided it was time to head back to camp for a break.


Photo comment By Jaco Marx: Wonderful panning Andrew (:Great images.

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