Sandibe Photo Safari Group 2 part 1

22nd October 2017
The second group of Photographers arrived at Sandibe a few days after the first group had left.

After checking in and getting all their gear ready we set off on drive, we started off our photography with the local territorial male Leopard marking his territory, he was walking through the thickets scent marking as he went, the late afternoon light falling through the trees was great.

For the rest of the afternoon we tried to keep pace with him as he went about his business, eventually we headed back to the lodge. After dinner we drove to a nearby clearing and did some star photography, the beautiful Botswana skies and the iconic palm trees making for great images.

The following morning we set off in search of the local Lion pride, it wasn't long before we found 3 lionesses that were trailing a small herd of Giraffe, the Lionesses would walk behind the Giraffes until they got too close for comfort and the giraffe would run off again, this went on for hours and we followed along watching the story unfold.

In between following the Giraffes the Lions would rest and play for a bit before continuing their Giraffe tracking. Eventually it got too hot and the lions found a shady spot to sleep, we also headed off at this point to the river.

It must have been our day for lions as as we got to the river we found a second pride of Lions, they were heading down to the river for a drink, as the Lions approached a herd of Buffalo that was close by took off running across the shallow waters.

The Lions weren't too interested in the Buffalo and after watching the river for a bit lay down in the shade to sleep. At this point we headed back to the lodge for a late breakfast.

That afternoon we set off on drive again, we visited the local Hyena den and photographed some general game and some beautiful Zebras.

We also tried some panning images of a small herd of impala and ended off the day with a spectacular Botswana sunset.

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