Sandibe Photo Safari Group 3 part 1

03rd January 2018
The last Photographic group to Sandibe started off with some wonderful general game, a herd of Impala that were dotted with Red Billed Oxpeckers and various herds of Zebra feeding in the afternoon on the open plains.

After the Zebra we spotted a female Giraffe chewing on the fallen fruits of a Sausage tree, it was quite comical to watch as the Giraffe manoeuvred the Fruit into the best position !

On our way back to the lodge we watched a young Hyena chewing on some old bones it had found that didnt look very tasty at all, as we approached Sandibe we spotted a Genet perched in a tree close to the road and we managed to get a few images of it before he headed off into the night.

The following morning we headed off and started our morning by photographing a troop of Baboons as they sunned themselves on the road before heading off to start their day of foraging, it was cute to see the youngsters sitting like jockeys on their moms backs.

After the Baboons we photographed a good selection of general game including Impalas and a beautiful Dazzle of Zebra and we then ended off our morning with 3 sleepy Lionesses, the only thing that got any of them to move were some annoying flies ! It had been a good morning and we headed back to the lodge for breakfast.

That afternoon we set off on drive and started our photography with a troop of baboons sitting in the shade of a tree close to the road, we focused our attention on one of the Moms and her tiny baby that was snuggled up against her, what a cute sight to see.

After leaving the baboons we stopped in to visit the Hyena den, there were a few youngsters out playing with each other and chewing on some sticks, after spending some quality time at the hyena den we decided to head off and see what the lions were up to.

Along the way to the lions we photographed a small group of Kudu in the afternoon light and then a beautiful sunset just before arriving at the lions.

The 3 Lionesses had not moved at all during the day, they were still sleeping and it seemed as if they were not going to budge ! We decided to leave the sleepy lions and have a sundowner drink and then we headed back to the lodge for dinner, as we approached the lodge we watched the full moon rising, for a few minutes it was a beautiful orange colour.

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